Save Gas, Save Money

The price of gas is one of the most expensive factors in driving a vehicle. Unfortunately, projections suggest that the price of gas will continue to rise in the future. This is why so many people are interested in saving as whenever they can. This article will put forth some of the easeiest and most effective tips to conserve fuel. Read on to learn more. 

Drive More Slowly

The first and most effective tip for saving gas is simply to drive slower. Of course, this is also potentially the most difficult tip to actually put into practice. It can be very challenging to force yourself to drive 5 or 10 miles an hour slower than you usually do. However, you will certainly notice the savings at the pumps. If you continue to drive more slowly and smoothly for a while, it'll become like second nature and you won't have to think twice to save a great deal of money on gas.

Ensure That Your Tires Are Inflated

Another quick yet effective way you can increase fuel economy for your vehicle is to make sure that your tires are inflated. You might think that your tire pressure warning light will definitely come on if your tires are deflated. However, the warning light probably will not come on if your tires are only slightly deflated. Even if your tires are only a little deflated, this can still make your vehicle's fuel economy numbers drop significantly. When you're filling your tires, it is better to put in as much air as is allowed the manufacturer's specifications. Tires with more air in them are generally more fuel-efficient.

See If Your Vehicle Has An Eco Mode

Many vehicles these days come with an eco mode. This mode may be named something different in your car, but you likely are aware of such driving modes. These driving modes are designed specifically to increase fuel economy and decrease emissions by running the engine on slightly less fuel. If you switch from the normal driving mode to the eco driving mode, you can save up to 10% on gas or perhaps more (depending on your vehicle). If you have a hybrid vehicle, running your vehicle in electric-only mode when possible will also allow you to save even more on fuel.


Get Regular Maintenance

If you get regular maintenance, especially on your vehicle's engine, you will notice that you also get good fuel economy. This is because a well-tuned and well-maintained engine will run more efficiently. This means that it will be able to put out the same power on less fuel. This just one of many reasons that you should stick to the manufacturer's service plan for your vehicle. If you do so, your vehicle will be more efficient, smoother, more powerful, and cleaner.

Avoid Driving In Heavy Traffic When Possible

Another important way to save on gas is to avoid heavy traffic as much as possible. If you can do an errand at any time, try to avoid doing it during rush hour. Driving in traffic is very bad for your vehicle's fuel economy as the engine has to run down and rev up over and over again. This process uses up a lot of fuel. This is why the city fuel economy ratings for various vehicles are always lower than the highway fuel economy ratings for those vehicles. Driving with fewer stops and starts, even if you are driving on the highway and not on city streets, can help you save a significant amount on fuel. 

Reaping The Benefits

If you follow all the gas saving tips in this article, you may see a significant increase in your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Of course, you have to ingrain these positive habits into your driving routine to continue to see the best possible fuel efficiency for your vehicle. This may seem like a pain at first, but it will become second nature after a little while. The benefits of having a fuel-efficient and more environmentally friendly will be well worth it. These tips cab be effective on all makes and models of cars, whether they are fuel efficient or gas guzzlers.